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Keri and Ed, Happy Anniversary!


Ok, so I am cheating by posting this entry because it isn't a wedding. BUT, I had the pleasure of shooting Keri and Ed's wedding last year (7/7/07) and they just celebrated their one year anniversary in Newport, RI where they were married.
I was thrilled to hear that Ed wanted to surprise Keri with an anniversary celebration. I knew that she would be really touched, especially since the past year has been such a blur with the arrival of their new baby. Only.... my surprise turned to amazement (and then I think I fell over) when Ed explained he not only booked me again to be their photographer but he also got the same exact room at Ocean Cliff Resort they shared on their wedding night, he got the same caterers to make an identical mini wedding cake just for them, got the chefs to pull together the identical menu from their wedding meal, got the florist to recreate a smaller replica of their I forgetting anything? Oh yeah, and a violinist to serenade them all the while (which made their baby weep while the rest of us weren't far behind). Wow.
We had a wonderful time cruising through Newport and it was almost surreal to think an entire year has gone by so fast...

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