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New Website!


This is a very small peek at the (not yet complete) home page of my new wedding site! I'll admit, it's not really fun to look at just one page that you can't really do anything with, but I had to share something since I've been working on this for more months than I care to fess up to. I was starting to think people thought I might be lying about the whole thing since I haven't shared anything at all until now... stay tuned!

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Wedding 360 Event in San Francisco


I am very excited to be attending the Wedding 360 event for Wedding Planners and Designers (and bloggers, photographers, editors, highly driven creative types, you get the idea) tomorrow in San Francisco.
I am not only more than happy to be in California no matter what the occasion, I am always game to be pumped up with inspiration, ideas and perspective on where the industry is going and how I can better accommodate my clients. Can't wait!

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Books and albums...


This time of year I am usually hustling to get all of my orders out of the way before Spring hits me with a new round of events - to which I am grateful of course. I have been making books and putting together albums over the last several weeks and it only seemed fair to share some samples here. Because I shoot a lot of different genres, these samples are of weddings, family fun, sailing events, and a very sneak peek at an African safari from last June...  Click to see images from Tanzania  and Zanzibar Island.

The books are sturdy and polished and I love having a finished product at the end of any one of my shoots and adventures. They tie everything up rather nicely and are much easier to share with family and friends than a CD of images. Digital is good, but tangible is better!

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