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Sara and Kyle - Little Compton, RI


I have a small confession. I was not the official photographer for this wedding (and was actually told to leave my camera at home and follow the specific directions to enjoy being a guest for once!) but I just couldn't help myself. Kyle, the groom, is one of my very best friends of all time - 17 years now, to be exact - and perhaps I brought my camera to keep myself busy rather than have the sentimentality of the day overwhelm me, which it did about 30 times as it is! Sara, the gorgeous bride, is not only full of life, hysterical (very) and an incredibly talented photographer, she is also perhaps the best match for Kyle in the whole wide world. I am so very, truly happy for them!

The ceremony was originally planned to be on the lawn with sweeping views of the ocean but was moved indoors after a menacing rain storm pummeled the property. Nobody fussed with chairs or arrangements, but instead we cleared out the furniture and nabbed a spot to stand in the open living room, leaving a simple path as an aisle. It was perfect. Christian, a dear friend of ours, was the officiant who married them. The rain eventually stopped and in its place was a heavenly Little Compton sunset. I couldn't imagine experiencing that day without my camera, but it was a nice little reminder how life is the present moment - and while I am used to photographing moments all the time - its the moments that stay in our minds that often are the best ones.
Congratulations Sara and Kyle!

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